Growth Through Counseling

Helping You in Your Walk


What You Need to Know


All perspective will be given based solely upon Scripture. 


Prior to your first session, you will receive forms to fill out with basic contact information and background on your session.


Your initial meeting is no cost and will be 30 minutes. This gives you and Pastor the opportunity to assess moving forward. If both parties agree, 30 minutes sessions are $30 and 1 hour sessions are $60.


Your information and content of each session is kept private for accountability but not shared. You are also protected by applicable state and federal HIPPA laws.


There’s no shame in receiving help. No matter the topic or situation, we’re here to help. We desire Jude 2, that you, Beloved prosper and be in health, and your soul propers. Do your part, and God will do His.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are available. For instance, pre or postmarital, or family, up to 4 at a time.

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