Hard Reset

If you have ever even touched a computer or smartphone, I am sure you are aware of the following experience. You are working on your device and all of a sudden, things begin slowing down, something stops working, and now it’s stuck. If you are on a PC, you get the blue screen or spinning hourglass. Mac users stare at the spinning beach ball. The solution…a hard reset. This is when you press and hold the power button, forcing the device to shutoff and restart. If all goes well, the affected program stops running, and you can use your device as normal.

Each New Year, we are determined and excited to start or stop doing certain things, only to find ourselves in the same “spinning beach ball”, idle state two weeks later. It’s one thing to have a good idea and an entirely different to have a lifestyle change. How can we move from broken self-promisess to fulfilling what’s in our heart?

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5 that it’s the love of God that constrains or keeps us. He goes further in Romans 6 by asking, “How do we, who’ve supposedly left old things, remain in old things?” Some of us have kept old relationships, old habits, still holding onto old hurts, and this has over time, caused our hearts to malfunction. We need a reset. We must do what verse six says by, destroying the old man. This happens as a result of receiving the complete work at Calvary. Through the power of the Cross, Jesus destroyed every chain that would come to slow us down, bind, shackle, and keep us from moving forward.

Allowing your heart to receive the love of Jesus Christ will produce an instant reset in your life. This is where real change can take place. You cannot look at where you are, the mess you may be in, or try to do it yourself. Otherwise, it will be another failed year of lost dreams and ambitions. You may have tried several different things, but just like with your computer, nothing seems to work. Again in 2 Corinthians 5, Paul explains that we have received the ministry of reconciliation. That’s just a big word that says, God has restored us, and His power makes us consistent. Want to be consistent this year? Well, it’s not by your might or power, but His Spirit that will give you this ability.

As we enter 2013, determine to get rid of the old stuff that pollutes your system, allow the love of God to perform a reset on your heart, in turn, you will see spectacular change throughout the year!

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