In the Storm

If your summers are anything like the ones in North Carolina, you are familiar with the afternoon thunderstorm. I recently was stranded inside of a store, because of a torrential downpour that suddenly appeared, flooding the area with rain over a span of fifteen minutes. Our own personal lives can be exactly like this, and Jesus parallels this in Matthew chapter 8. The Bible says in verse 23, “without warning and storm appeared” Now, how many times has something shown up in your life without warning?

A storm is defined as a response to extreme differences in air pressure, a disturbed or agitated state. In essence, a storm signifies change in the atmosphere, announcing the season has changed. As a resident of North Carolina, we are currently in hurricane season. This intensifies  around late September. I had the peculiar experience of flying into Charlotte during hurricane season. A good pilot will take the plane to a higher altitude in order to avoid turbulence. As a Child of God, you must understand and realize that whenever and however a storm shows up in your life, it is an indication that God is taking you to a higher level! I’m writing this blog today to announce to you, your season has changed!

Hebrews 4 declares there remains a rest for the people of God. In the middle of all this chaos, Jesus was asleep in the boat. He is teaching us not to allow our circumstances to determine our response, but instead remain steadfast in our position of faith. In the middle of persecution, be strong. In the middle of setback, stand tall. In the middle of hurt, forgive. In the middle of what appears to be a disappointment and disaster, see only success and progression! (“For we walk by faith, not by sight” -2 Cor 5:7).

You see, in a hurricane, the calmest part of the storm is in what’s called the “eye.” Here, all is calm, yet this area is surrounded by the most violent winds, intense pressure, and centrifugal force, but this force prevents the winds from entering the eye. I am reminded that, “if God is for you, who can be against you?”

Upon being awaked, Jesus stood tall, faced an impossible situation, and did something that defied logic, He opened his mouth and spoke to the situation. Paul encourages us in Ephesians 6:13, “having done all to stand, stand.” When your back is up against the wall, stand. When you feel you can’t continue in your family and you’ve reached your breaking point, stand. Coming home to an eviction notice, you still must stand! Your season is about to change!

After the calm came, after the waves resented, the Bible says the disciples rubbed their eyes and said, “who is this?” Let me tell you this, your family, your friends, your critics, your haters, they will not even be able to recognize you after God is finished perfecting that good thing in you!

So, don’t turn coward just because it’s raining a little hard in your circumstance. Stand tall, keep your head up and fill your mouth with praise knowing that your season, your atmosphere, it has changed!

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