Left for Dead, Then Resurrected

Have you ever found yourself doing what you thought was right, obeying, and following Jesus to the tee, only to find yourself in a situation where you wonder, “why is this happening to me?”

Such was the case of Joseph. His story begins in Genesis 37. Most are familiar with his trial, and that how this young man, loved by his father, hated by his brothers, went from being thrown into a pit, to second-in-command in Egypt. But have you ever truly considered what it must have been like? Here’s Joseph, not asking for dreams, not asking to be the favorite, but just living his life is treated with such contempt. Everywhere he ends up, something bad happens! But in each case, it was a step closer to his purpose.

Don’t ever think bad things are just happening to you. Stop and see how God is working, because He is. Now, God’s favor on your life will create many haters, those who don’t understand it is the Lord’s doing, and cannot recognize God loves them just as much. Joseph’s own blood brothers, fueled by such indignation, betrayed him, leaving him in a pit, and left him there to die. You know, you must be very careful with who you share the things God is doing in your life. Many times, it is the ones closest to us, who we would assume will support us that create the most drama.

Left in that dark pit, alone, and confused, Joseph never lost hope. Why? Because he’d had a visitation from the Lord revealing his purpose and destiny. You see, in hard times, when it looks like all is lost, when family has forsaken you, when it looks like your situation has failed, remind yourself of what God said. His purpose for your life calls you. You see, God works from the end, backwards! So, if what you see isn’t where you know you are supposed to be, rejoice because you are still on your way!

In Luke 10, the Lord Jesus spoke a parable about a man who was on his way to Jericho, beaten, robbed, and left for dead. A Levite and priest passed him over, but a Samaritan came to his rescue.

Have you ever needed help, and the person you thought would be there was nowhere to be found? Perhaps missed opportunities, bad decisions in life, failed relationships, have robbed you and left you hurt, wounded, and in critical condition. Perhaps you’ve been passed over for a promotion, or was looking to someone, only to find them stepping over you as if you weren’t there. Well, there is good news that help is on the way!

David said, look to the hills for your help (Psalms 121:1)! You may have been kicked aside, passed over, betrayed or forgotten, but you are never alone. Just at that point, do not ever lose faith. Do not ever stop trusting that your Redemptive Redeemer is on the road to you, and He will pick you up and set you on high. He’ll restore you, heal all wounds, and make it to where it will cost you nothing!

Remember, when friends or family forsake you, when situations and circumstances in life don’t go the way you thought they should, God is still working; He is Sovereign and your purpose will call you to the place of destiny. Be encouraged today!

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