Mothers Mold the World

Imagine being a thirteen year old girl, probably running around playing in the dirt, when all of a sudden, a bright flash of light streaks across in front of you. Out of nowhere appears a man you’ve never seen and tells you, “hey, you’re going to have a son. He’s going to save the world, and oh, you’re already pregnant even though you’ve never been with a man.”

That’s exactly what happened to Mary in Luke 1. She now was faced with this incredible responsibility of doing something she had no idea how to accomplish and frankly, sounded terrifying and crazy.  As a woman, I’m sure her emotions and her brain were going crazy! But the angel told her, with God nothing is impossible.

As a mother, nothing is impossible. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, the responsibility of raising your children. I like to think that my mom always has the answers, and it seems she does! My mom is a great woman, and she’s always there and says the right thing. However, she’s admitted to me that she doesn’t always know what to do. Check out what Mary says next as her response says it all, “be unto me according to your word.”

God’s word will carry you in every situation! His Word will bring to pass what God has planned for your life. Jesus changed the course of humanity; he made such an impact on the world that you and I are here today, because of Him! But while the Son of God, He was also the Son of Man. Jesus had a mom, who taught Him the Scriptures, His manners, and told Him his destiny. Mary shaped the One who would change the world.

My mom, to this day, tells me everyday, “God is going to use you greatly; you are a man of God!” I’ve heard this everyday since I was in kindergarden! Your words, your lifestyle, your prayers, your will to fight during hard times, shape the lives of your children. Don’t ever feel like you are not making a difference. It is so important to be a woman of virtue and great strength, one of prayer and stability. Imagine if Mary would have allowed her emotions to move her? She would have never seen the beauty of God’s plan in her life.

Every word, every song, every lesson, every correction, every hug molds and shapes the future. Proverbs 31:28 says, “her children rise and call her blessed.” Rest assured that one day, your children, natural or not, will one day pour back into your life the sacrifices and seeds you’ve sown. See them, not as your children, but as the assignment God has give you, to raise a world changer. God is pleased with your labor of love, and as He said a thousand years ago, you are favored and the Lord is with you.

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