Moving Forward When Grounded

“Tip-tap” was the sound echoing in my ear as the airline worker tapped on her computer keyboard. I had just finished a 15 day tour in Brazil with my friend Ben Cerullo, and we were tired. The entire team was tired. We had flown nine hours from Sao Paulo into Chicago, only to desparately endure a four hour layover which would connect us home to Charlotte. “I’m sorry sir, but your plane has been grounded and will be delayed” was what came out of her mouth as she looked up. Ben did not take the news well, as fatigue and his Italian heritage set it. It was definitely the last thing I wanted to hear, but the next hours taught me an ever important lesson.

The Apostle Paul speaks to us in his letter to Colosse saying, “Sink your roots in him (Christ) and build on him. Be established (grounded) by the faith that you were taught, and overflow with thanksgiving.” Colossians 2:7 GWT

There are many examples that come to mind concerning the term, “grounded.” First, thinking in electrical terms, in wiring there is a hot, neutral, and a ground. The main function of the ground is for safety. Electrocution can happen when a person touches a live wire that has not been grounded. In audio, distortion and a hum will occur when cables are used that have not been grounded. And in the case of aviation, planes are often grounded when there are unsafe conditions or some malfunction in the plane.

Paul instructs us to “remain grounded in our faith, which we were taught, sinking our roots in Christ.” You see, life’s storms cannot shake us when we are grounded in the Word of God. Distortion and interference will be non-existent if we are grounded in the Word. Nothing, yes nothing can harm us when our roots are firmly held in Christ.

There are many distractions which come to discourage our faith, shake  and move us off course. Again, the Apostle Paul speaks words of affirmation in Romans 8:39 by saying, ” nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Height is the spiritual powers, which war against us. Depth is defined as even the lowest points in our lives, and created beings are those who can at times bring great challenge in our lives. In all these, God’s great love for us keeps us grounded.

Back to the case of aviation, have you ever been on the plane but stuck on the tarmac waiting for your turn to take off? What an unpleasant experience! Your seatbelt is fastened, luggage stowed, tray table in its upright position, and there is nothing you can to do lift off. However, circumstances beyond your reach currently prevents access to the runway. Way out of sight, in the control tower, flight controllers can see what you cannot.

You may be in a position today where you are sitting on the tarmac waiting to takeoff. You have done everything you know to do, but you have been grounded. Well, way beyond what you can see, your Flight Controller sees conditions that you cannot and He knows when it’s best for your access to the runway. So, let your trust be confident today, knowing that you will soon hear an “all-clear, proceed to runway.”

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