Stepping Into the Unknown

Is there a such thing as destiny? Is there such a place where we can flourish and find belonging? And if there is such a place, how do we get there?

The Scripture says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts I have towards to, to give you an expected end.” While we know God has plans for our lives, it can be challenging understanding what that plan is.

How can one pursue, run after what cannot be seen? Quite often, it is not even that we cannot see what lies ahead, we may not even be sure as to what or where ahead is!

There is comfort knowing that as you step out into what God has placed in your heart, you will simultaneously step up into the next dimension of your life. You can never go wrong or fail trusting God…never! While it may seem crazy and go against all voices of reason, that is one way of knowing God is with you.

In Luke, the Lord told Peter to launch out into the deep and prepare for a catch. It appeared illogical to Peter, a seasoned fisherman; yet, he decided to trust and obey the commanded word, partially. The result of his obedience was a boat-sinking harvest. The result of his disobedience was a boat-sinking harvest!

Although taking that step into the realm of faith may seem risky, rest assured that you must take that step in order to walk. Be encouraged to trust that you are not walking alone, but following the footsteps of the One whose already gone before you and prepared the way.

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