Touchdown Wales

I’ve just landed in Dublin, Ireland! What a beautiful country! For some reason, I love this UK / Wales place! James, my roommate and an awesome photographer says I should move here! He lives in South Wales. I definitely love it, so it’s great to be back. Traveling was a breeze this trip. I’m Silver Preferred so I was able to board the plane early, and security at CLT was a breeze. Customs in Ireland wasn’t bad either, and that’s how I like it! The hotel is pretty nice, so I’m super excited. I got a little nap in, but really can’t sleep. This whole five hour time difference thing has me bugging!

The team is here premiering our new film: Sierra Leonne Hope Restored. It’s an awesome piece of work and I’m happy to have a small part in it. See the trailer here:

IMG00017-20090909-1626 IMG00019-20090910-0315 IMG00025-20090910-0441 IMG00036-20090910-1148

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