Trust in the Kingdom

Trust in the Kingdom

Over the last few days, we have witnessed and seen a great deal of instability and uncertainty around the world, specifically, if Afghanistan. It is quite remarkeble saying that being that for the last twenty years, the United States has occupied and been at war in that country. We’ve made that statement since 2001, but we watched images of people clinging to planes desperately wanting to escape the tyranny of this oncoming regime as a result of US troops being withdrawn.

Now, this is not nor ever will be a platform that delves deeply into politics. I am neither qualified nor have the desire to dig deeply into this topics. So, for whatever debatable reasons, this country fought 20 years in a country. Lives were lost, resources and money spent, time invested only to see in a matter of minutes everything that had been done, completely unraveled.

The Scriptures tell us that the kingdoms of this world are subject the Kingdom of our God. I want to remind you that your hope and confidence cannot and should not be in anything that is man made. Matthew 24:35 declares, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Word will abide forever.” Thinking having a solid 401k plan, a great job with your dream company, or receiving some type of tax benefit will never provide long term security. The only security, the only thing that will never fail is the Word of Almighty God.

Perhaps you thought you found the love of your life, only to see that relationship dissolve after a matter of time. Maybe you finally received that promotion after being passed over only to hear that the company was bought out and your division was eliminated.  Or maybe you worked hard, saving extra money, working overtime for a dream vacation only to have a pandemic destroy all your travel plans. Whatever the case, Jesus said, to set your affection, turn your attention on things that are above, not of the earth.

There is an example of this found in Luke 12, where this man worked hard, all his life to reach a point of self-determined success. He said, i’m going to work, get my bank accounts to this amount, and then throw myself a party. We would call that today, “treat yo’ self.” The sad thing though is the man did all this only to never see the fruits of his labor as he died. The story concludes with, “what does it gain a man to gain the world, yet lose his soul.”
In the year of 2021, so much emphasis is put on material things, personal gratification, external appearance, and the accumulation of assets. But let me remind you that Jesus told us, “one thing is needful.” There is only one thing that we should have a focus and relentless pursuit of in our lives, and that is, fellowship in the Word of God. The world changes. People change. Things change. But you will never see the Word of God change or His promises to you change. They are always constant. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I encourage you today, to not allow the world to sway your attention to its priorities and pace. Don’t get caught up in the activities of your social media timeline, which is a false narrative of life anyway, push you to abandon God’s timeline for your life. Put your confidence, dreams, hopes, and desires in the Word of God. Seek first the Kingdom and God’s way of getting things done, and as you do that, simultaneously, everything you need will be provided to you.