What to Do When Your Faith Shatters

So many people that I meet and talk to have lost faith. In a time where gas is at an all-time high, the economy is unstable and at an all-time low, families are shaken, and the every day life situations appear to be overwhelming, where is the good?

You and I are constantly over saturated  by messages every day. Turn on the television, radio, or go online and immediately, someone was shot, this politician said that, this food will kill you, be on the watch for this, and every other thing that is negative. The Scripture says in Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing. Faith is what we do (our actions) in difficult times. Do we continue in trusting God or do we change and do opposite what the Word says? In the same way faith comes by hearing, its antithesis fear also comes by hearing. So, it’s important we obey the words of Jesus in Luke 8 and “take heed how we hear.”

A few years ago, I endured some very difficult times. It is said that some of the worst things a person can ever experience is, losing a home, their job, a family member, divorce, or a sickness. I experienced all of these within a six month period! Yet, I was able to endure because as the song says, “on Christ the solid rock I stand.” I love what Paul writes in 2 Thessalonians 2, “Now, friends, read these next words carefully. Slow down and don’t go jumping to conclusions…Don’t let anyone shake you up or get you excited over some breathless report… Don’t fall for any line like that.”

A few weeks ago, in my typical form, I dropped my phone and shattered the screen. My friends were all asking what I was going to do. And while I was upset at first, I wasn’t moved, because thankfully, I had the money to fix it. You see, when things come to shatter you faith, don’t be moved. Your debt has already been paid! Yes, we will face some terrible things in life, many unexplainable. In fact, you may presently be facing a situation that’s worse than mine, but anything you can see is temporary! This means, just as quickly as it came, it will also leave just as quickly. I was able to endure because I knew what God had told me; I obeyed, and although it looked awful, through it, God brought me into a place I never knew. No matter what comes your way, lean on and depend on the Word of God.

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