Your Appointed Time

Job 14:13 “”I wish you would hide me in the grave and forget me there until your anger has passed. But mark your calendar to think of me again!”

I have heard this phrase repeated over and over, around the world. It is so very easy to get caught up in the Christian Vocabulary and take for granted prophetic statements. One thing I have learned in my study and experience of God’s Word is that, there is a verse for everything you can possibly need!
God literally has you in mind. You must believe that today, that you are not forgotten. Before you were born, He looked through time, and defined a specific date for you. You have an appointment with your destiny!
Perhaps you have felt nothing is going right in your life, or that everything has been turned upside down. The loss of a job, strained family relationships, the seeming delay of goals in your life or ministry, are all situations to make us feel like God has abandoned us.
There is a promise found in Deuteronomy 31:6, “He will never leave nor forsake you.” In 2 Corinthians 5:7, the Apostle Paul reminds us that we are to “walk by faith, not  by sight.”
I’m reminded of a very famous story found in 1 Samuel 30 when David faced the Amalekites at Ziklag. To give you some context, this already wasn’t the best time in David’s life. He had just receive word from his friend that, although he was beyond reproach, he needed to leave and would not longer be able to stay in the foreign land of the Philistines. Keep in mind, he had been run out of Jerusalem by Saul, whom he’d served faithfully. He had been anointed king over Israel, but had been thrown out of the palace. His best friend Jonathan betrayed him telling Saul of his whereabouts, and now all the families of the men he was leading had been taken captive and their entire city burned.
He wrote is Psalm 3, “Lord how are they increased that trouble me, many are they who rise up against me. They say, there is no help for me in God.”
Can you feel David’s anguish? Perhaps, like David, you’ve felt God completely forgot about you! Alone, David had to encourage himself. He said, “but Thou Lord are a shield around me.” The Lord promised that he would recover all. What David didn’t realize that he had an appointment with destiny. At the same time he began to pursue the Amalekites, a messenger was coming to tell him that Saul and Jonathan had been killed in battle, and that now, David would be declared king. In the middle of the David’s darkest hour, God was working his destiny.
No matter what it looks like or how dark it seems today, know that God is working your destiny. At this same time, somewhere, the message is here that you are next in line. It’s your appointment time!